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Quick & Easy Composite Decking Tiles for Patio Resurfacing and all Decking applications.

Bring new life to old, drab patios with Boardwalk Deck Tiles...

The revolutionary outdoor flooring system you can install yourself in just minutes.

Save Time, Money & Effort

Resurfacing patio decks

Resurface that drab, cracked concrete patio with a stunning new composite deck. No need to demolish your old concrete patio... just click the convenient Boardwalk Deck Tiles into place over the existing surface for an instant patio makeover.

Repairing existing wood decks

Save time, trouble and expense in repairing old worn decks. Simply lay Boardwalk Deck Tiles right over the top of the existing deck... no nails, no screws or any special tools required.

Fitting a roof deck?

Looking for an attractive and easily installed surface for your rooftop? Just take the conveniently packaged Boardwalk Deck Tiles to your rooftop... no struggle, no fuss. As the tiles are locked together securely on all four sides, they'll resist strong winds and movement.

Refurbishing balconies

Brighten up your balcony with Boardwalk. No matter how small or large your balcony, you can quickly enjoy the classic look of a solid wood deck. And if you need to cut any tiles to fit a specific area, Boardwalk Deck Tiles can be easily cut with just a handsaw. If you plan to move at any time, simply take up the tiles and install in your new location.

Spa and hot tub decks

Looking for a simple and effective way to build an attractive deck or patio around your exterior spa or hot tub? Enjoy the natural look of a solid wood deck without the high cost. Either cut the tiles to fit the shape of your spa or hot tub or place the tub over the top of the tiles.

Above ground pool decks

For a classy deck that not only looks good but can be extended, changed or removed at any time, Boardwalk Deck Tiles are the ideal answer. Just cut the tiles with a handsaw or jigsaw to fit against the outer wall of the pool.


Boardwalk Deck Tiles blend perfectly with other hard surfacing materials. Consider using Boardwalk Deck Tiles for pathways, walkways or as “stepping stones” laid amongst crushed rock or pebbles.

Sunrooms, Conservatories, gazebos, greenhouses

Give those outdoor “rooms” an instant Boardwalk makeover. What could be better than a natural wood look floor in a rustic gazebo, or a light filled sunroom?

Basement & Cellar flooring

Tired of that damp and musty concrete basement or cellar floor? With Boardwalk Deck Tiles, all it takes is just an hour or

so and you'll have a basement floor that's not only dry, but looks great as well.

Environmentally Friendly

Boardwalk Deck Tiles are striking yet have a traditional appearance, they require little maintenance, they demonstrate  excellent anti-slip qualities and have a long lifespan with no splintering or splitting, they are barefoot friendly and UV stabilised. Above all Boardwalk Deck Tiles are Eco Friendly with an 85% recycled material content.

Traditional Appearance

The beautiful traditional appearance of wood and long lifespan makes Boardwalk Deck Tiles the obvious choice for new or replacement decking projects.

Long Lifespan

Boardwalk Deck Tiles have an expected lifespan in excess of 50 years and feature an anti-slip surface that meets British Standard 4592 Pendulum Test.

Boardwalk Deck Tiles are manufactured From Polyethylene Based Resins and recycled timber products which produce a long lasting decking material that is strong, durable and weathers extremely well.

Boardwalk composite interlocking decking tiles are fitted to a strong, heavy duty plastic interlocking frame creating exceptional strength and lightness.

Manufactured from polyethylene based resins, reclaimed timber, and finished with an attractive hardwearing anti-slip finish. Boardwalk Deck Tile virtually eliminates rot, algae growth, excessive fading and significantly reduces the risk of slipping in both dry and wet conditions.

Boardwalk Deck Tiles are manufactured from recycled and sustainable materials, yet they give the appearance of a architects, designers and specifiers.

Boardwalk Deck Tile Applications.

Boardwalk Deck Tiles can be installed over any floor with a relatively flat surface including:

Basement floors Balcony decks Front porches
Walkways Patio decks Courtyard decks
Outside dining areas Sunroom decks Roof top decks
Conservatory floors and decks surrounding pool decks surrounding spas decks
Remodelling old wood decks Kitchen and bathroom floors Surrounding hot tub decks
Remodelling unattractive concrete patios  

Other uses for Boardwalk Deck tiles include:

  • Flooring in outdoor showers
  • Dog run floors
  • Roof deck above a garage
  • Flooring for trade shows and flea market (Easy fit & Re fit)
  • Flooring in front of equipment
  • Flooring in barns
  • Patio around motor homes
  • Flooring for apartment balconies

    Commercial enterprises such as Caravan & Holiday Parks, Leisure Centres, Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants and Theme Parks can benefit in the short and long term by fitting Boardwalk Deck Tiles to those areas where safety standards are an important factor.

Broadwalk Deck Tile's Highlighted Features.

  • There are so many reasons to love Boardwalk Deck Tiles, but we chose to highlight the following features.
  • Versatile floor covering tiles for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • Backed with innovative plastic interlocking tile grid
  • Fast snap-together installation
  • Anyone can install the tiles very quickly and easily
  • No nails, staples or glue required for installing the tiles
  • Easy to remove, re-arrange and re-lay the tiles
  • Easy to interchange tiles to create different tile patterns
  • Wood slats permit water to flow through
  • Durable plastic feet elevate for drying airflow
  • Tiles manufactured with premium grade of composite materials
  • Composite boards are extremely durable and mould resistant
  • Tiles can also be disassembled easily for reuse
  • High-quality hardware fittings
  • Detailed craftsmanship
  • Minimal maintenance required on the tiles

Boardwalk Deck Tiles as a Long Term Investment

Although timber has been used for Decking applications for decades it has its shortcomings. For the first few years timber decking can work well. However, after a period of time timber, however treated, will start to deteriorate and rot, with exposure to continual wet and dry cycles. Also, the walking surface can become quite slippery when wet, in shaded area’s green algae growth is a constant problem with timber decking and leads to a slippery and dangerous surface.

Timber also becomes slippery when drinks and other liquids are accidentally spilt. To overcome these safety and long-term durability issues, many commercial operators are insisting on using composite materials as a long term safety investment. Boardwalk Deck Tiles out performs most other materials for commercial and domestic applications, also its anti slip qualities are “second to none” especially in wet, greasy and frosty conditions. Slips, trips and falls, due to unsuitable walking surfaces, cause most accidents in leisure environments.

Attractive, Practical, and Easy to Use Too
You can arrange Boardwalk Deck Tiles in various patterns. You can then take them up again should they need to be. And our Boardwalk Deck Tiles are designed to be easy to take care of – no finishing, no staining, and no involved cleaning process is necessary. For low-maintenance, easily installed deck surfaces, Boardwalk Deck Tiles offer you look, function, and performance. 

We at Maple Plastics offer Boardwalk range of Deck Tiles and Deck Planks to you that make it easy for you to create the decking surface of your dreams at a price that is much less than you would expect.  The hardness and overall durability of Boardwalk interlocking Deck Tiles is equalled only by how great they look in all decking applications.


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