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CAMO Hidden Deck Fasteners

CAMO Marksman Pro & Marksman Pro X1


Hidden Deck Fasteners

Camo hidden deck fastening system is the first system to easily and affordably attach treated softwood, hardwood, cedar, composite or uPVC deck boards directly to the substructure! CAMO hidden deck fasteners self-drilling screws make laying perfect decking, astonishingly fast and easy – with no visible screw heads.

CAMO hidden deck fasteners changes everything. No more pre-drilling, no more split wood, no more unevenly spaced boards and no more visible fasteners. A unique range of CAMO tools, drill bits and perfectly engineered exterior screws deliver flawless, blemish-free and totally secure decking with no visible screw holes and all boards perfectly spaced and aligned.

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CAMO Deck Fasteners

CAMO® Pro Series Guides for Edge Fastening

Still face fastening deck boards? Leave that in the past and start building fastener-free deck surfaces with the CAMO Pro Series Guides. Pro Guides were designed for use with Stainless Steel or ProTech coated CAMO Edge Deck Screws that auger material as it bores through the side of the board. The Pro Guides are easy to set and fast to load, so you’ll wrap up your decking project in no time.

CAMO Deck Fasteners

CAMO® Pro-NB Guide for Narrow Deck Boards

The CAMO Pro-NB Guide is the tool you need to achieve a fastener-free deck surface on any narrow board 3-¼” to 5” (83mm–127mm). Whether they’re treated, hardwood, cedar, composite, or PVC, the Pro-NB Guide fits and creates a 3/16” (5mm) gap between boards. It’s easy to set, fast to load, and simple to drive with no pre-drilling required on non-hardwood boards.

Use Stainless Steel or ProTech coated CAMO Edge Deck Screws with the Pro-NB Guide.

Camo Marksman Pro

3/16” gap 5.0mm

CAMO Hidden Deck Fastener 3/16” gap 5.0 mm

Camo Marksman Pro X1

1/16” gap 1.58mm

Camo Marksman Pro X1 1/16” gap 1.58mm
CAMO Hidden Deck Fasteners


Marksman Pro Narrow Board

CAMO Hidden Deck Fasteners

EASY: no pre-drilling; automatic 5mm spacing

AFFORDABLE: CAMO provides a cost-effective solution

SECURE: attaches directly to the joist which reduces board movement

ATTRACTIVE: fastener-free surface

REMOVABLE: screws back out easily for board replacement

PEACE OF MIND: guaranteed against rust and corrosion for the life of the project

FLEXIBLE: systems available for both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts